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707 new reasons to be proud

It's no secret that we, in Tikkio, are proud of our organizers! and during 2019, we got a whole 707 new reasons to be proud.

Tikkio was able to welcome many new organizers in 2019. The 707 new organizers are distributed in Norway and Denmark, where we currently operate. This connection means a lot to us, as the close cooperation is essential for us to develop our products and services.

Your experiences, feedback and queries allow us to keep our fingers on the pulse all the time. This means that we are constantly updated in relation to applications, needs and development.

Whether you are organizing a large music festival with thousands of visitors or using our system to conduct a smaller yoga session, knitting course or private Christmas lunch event, your opinion matters a lot to us.

From time to time, external help may be helpful. Tikkio has a background as an organizer and is always ready to help and advise in relation to your events.

We thank you for your dedication to your events and look forward to continued cooperation.

If you have any tips, questions or suggestions for improvements of any kind, then we are always available. As an organizer you always have the opportunity to contact us via the chat function in Event Manager or at

Account, Customer success & Content Manager in Tikkio Denmark.
I am a former musician with an MSc in Economics and Business Administration. Pragmatist, with broad knowledge in sub-cultures. I enjoy working with the CRM-tool Pipedrive, and have a great big love for the 1960s soul and beat music as well as Veronica Maggio.