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Tikkio is built, operated and owned by event makers, former and present artists, culture lovers, designers and product developers, who knows exactly how to put on a great event – and all it’s pitfalls.

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The story about Tikkio is closely connected with two cousins - Ante and Lars Giskeødegård - from the small, norwegian island Giske, with the Sunnmør mountains in east and the big sea in west. The played in the band The Margarets in many years, and were among other thing nominated for a norwegian Grammy, before they put on an event for their friends, that evolved into a large festival - the now internationally acknowledged "Summer Festival of Giske".

They learned that skill, energy and confidence could be used for multiple purposes with great success. Through the company Momentium, they have shot buds with enormous pace through the past years: A sound recording studio by the sea. A programming company, sound- and lights productions, photographs and video photographs, event companies and a marketing agency, more and more festivals and other concerts, cafés and bars are all now considered part of the Momentium Family. Thus also Tikkio.

Tikkio was established through a sore thumb from the existing ticketing services on the market: Expensive, poor user experience and inadequate functionality with the data streams that are collected from ticket sales. And not least; lack of stability. When their chosen ticket service broke down during a festival in Ålesund, it was too much for Momentium to bear. "Let's do it ourselves", they figured. And the rest is history.

To begin with Tikkio was a ticketing service solely for Momentium's events, but has been open for other event organizers since 2014. Since the beginning we've had growth rate of 1.500% in revenue, which goes to show that the demand from event organizers is huge, for a service based on our pillars:

"Safe, simple, smart"

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Our service has been safe and simple since the very beginning - which is a complete given for any ticketing service in our humble opinion. But we are certain that the future lies in new possibilities with data analytics from sales, reporting and evaluation tools. We see it as one of our finest objects for the years to come, to enable event organizers to take greater advantage of the endless streams out there - and we work closely with our users to achieve that. It's really a partnership, that we take very personal.

Besides being a cheaper alternative than our competitors, we are completely without binding periods or the like. Our competitors usually operate with contracts that last several years, but in Tikkio anyone - or all -. organizers can get up and leave over night, if we don't deliver what we set out to do. This keeps us constantly on our toes, and we sleep tight knowing that our organizers stay with us, not because they have to, but because they want to.

During our first years we've developed quite a lot from where we started. We've become even more user friendly and have added substantial functionality. But the business strategy stays exactly the same and we're still built, operated and owned by people with tremendous skills and a massive love for the event industry.

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Visions and values

Tikkio has an ambitious goal of being the best ticket and sales system on the market. This is more than just a set phrase. This is a goal that will be realized through our 3 values ​​in all strategies and work:


Tikkio must be a safe solution to use. Therefore, the work on personal data and payment information is well considered. The same applies to information flow and settlement to the organizers. In addition, one must be sure that the system has uptime and capacity to handle high pressure. This applies both in connection with release and later when tickets must be scanned. Security is also about something more: It is about the organizer, who is sure that Tikkio contributes to increased sales through consulting and good tools in cooperation with each other.


Tikkio is greatly appreciated that it is a fast and easy system for both the organizer and the end customer. It's easy to register an organizer account and get started with an event. In addition, the end customer can easily register as a user. Furthermore, the audience can easily buy tickets immediately; The ticket system works, there are few clicks between thought and action, and the buyer can choose to pay with different card types. On a more strategic level, Tikkio is also rigged to quickly adapt to new opportunities. We always choose the best solutions for payment, marketing, integration with other systems etc.


For organizers, Tikkio is a platform that makes them wiser. With us in the toolbox you get good information from planning to performing any event. The publishing system ensures that all important information is included. Through our advice and tips in blog and knowledge base or in meetings, we make sure that the organizer makes smart choices in planning, marketing sales and accomplishing any event. If the organizer makes the good choices, the audience gets a good experience and the economy in the company is strengthened. The end customer also gets wiser in the meeting with Tikkio. It's easy to find out about the events to take place and make good choices for yourself and the people you want to buy. Smart choices provide good experiences for everyone.

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Environmental policy

Environment and climate change are one of our greatest challenges today. Tikkio as a ticket system and a sales solution must also take its responsibility in this area. And we do.

Create experiences where people live

Among the largest climate sinners are emissions related to travel. Why do people travel? People often travel to enrich their lives through experiences, whether it be concerts, festivals, lectures or fairs. The event industry can make a positive contribution to reducing travel activity to residents by moving their experiences to where people live. It makes much more sense to the environment that a few artists, comedians, theater actors or conference holders are the ones who take the journey. In this way, tens of thousands of people can get good experiences where they live or in the immediate vicinity.

Purchase and transfer of equipment and people

Many of our competitors base their verification of ticket and product purchase on hardware. This includes servers, scanners, and power supplies that must be shipped from a warehouse to the location where the concert, festival, fair or conference takes place. This transport has a significant environmental impact.

Tikkio bases all scans that it can be solved with any IOS or Android device on the market using free applications and cloud computing without the need for local servers. Thus, you do not need to invest in dedicated equipment for this, but can use regular phones or tablets.

Digital meetings

Tikkio is based on a self-service philosophy; all organizers must be able to handle scanning of tickets, eg. even without Tikkio's representatives having to be present. Reduced travel activity for Tikkio's employees contributes to reduced climate expression.

Tikkio has organizers spread over a large geographical area. We emphasize that they need to be self-propelled without our help through this interface being easy to understand and an easily accessible knowledge base on any relevant topic.

When we meet with our organizers, suppliers and other partners, we try to use video conferencing as much as possible. We do it daily and with good luck. This reduces the environmental impact, but also saves the company too much time traveling.



Kjetil Aarseth

CEO in Tikkio International | Co-owner

I have a background from communication, sales, product and business development. Solution-oriented and impatient by nature. My favorite tool is the video conference solution AppearIn. My greatest musical heroes are Leonard Cohen, Kurt Cobain and Kari Bremnes.


Jesper Ravn-Jensen

Account, Customer success & Content Manager Tikkio Denmark

I am a former musician with an MSc in Economics and Business Administration. Pragmatist, with broad knowledge in sub-cultures. I enjoy working with the CRM-tool Pipedrive, and have a great big love for the 1960s soul and beat music as well as Veronica Maggio.


Tobias Kippenberger

Country Manager Tikkio Denmark | Product & Business Development Tikkio International

I have a background as musician and financial advisor in the music business. I'm curious by nature and driven by building stuff. My favorite work tool is Notion and my musical heroes are Oasis, Bruce Springsteen and Kanye West.


Kenneth Verpeide

Developer Tikkio International

I have a background from system and web development. Courteous and efficient. My favorite tool is Atom. My greatest musical heroes are the Beastie Boys, Gorillaz and Arcade Fire.


Yngvar Kalvø

Operations Manager Tikkio International

I have a background in programming, marketing and support. Patient and systematic. My favorite tool is Google Analytics. My biggest musical role models are Kvelertak, Ghost and Graveyard.