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Right now it is not possible to hold events, but one day the crisis is over and people can start meeting again - a wonderful day! You can already give your ticket buyers something to look forward to with TBA-tickets.

The Corona virus has enormous consequences for society as a whole, both healthily and financially. One of the industries that was hit the earliest and hardest is the experience industry.

We make every effort to keep the wheels rolling for artists, organizers and other actors who live by gathering people. That’s why we have launched TBA-tickets

How Do TBA-Tickets Work?

A donation solution has been created for the Corona virus. The purpose of TBA-Tickets is that you as an organizer may not know exactly when and where your event will take place, but it is your intention to conduct an event sometime in the future. This way, you have the opportunity to create a ticket sale in the somewhat uncertain future that can benefit you financially – here and now.

All TBA-tickets will be marked with a purple ribbon, as seen below. In this way you indicate to the buyers that this is a so-called TBA-ticket and not a regulated ticket as they know it. At the same time, it will appear that time and place are not specified.


Creating TBA-ticket

If you are a new organizer with us and have not tried to set up an event or tickets with us before, and want a little broader insight into setting up events with us, you can read this guide first.

You create a TBA Ticket as follows:

  • Open Event Manager
  • Click on create “TBA ticket”
  • Fill in the different fields (Event Title, description, etc.)
  • Scroll down and press save
  • Create tickets at event (as usual – new organizers: Click here)
  • Publish the event (as usual – new organizers: Click here)You have now created your first TBA event





  • Create TBA-Tickets and secure an income
  • Enjoy your ticket buyers with upcoming events
  • Easily created – just as you usually would

If you have any questions TBA-tickets, event creation or tickets, you are always welcome to contact us in the chat in Event Manager or at

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