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Artists! Tell who’s on the roster right away

Be sure to update the Tikkio Event page with who is booked to stand on stage.

Most people come to your event to experience one or more artists or experts if you are in the course / conference industry.

Many organizers fail to add an artist list to the Tikkio page and instead use their own website and Facebook page. This is directly sales-inhibiting.

Remember that when your customers are the Tikkio page, they are only seconds away from a purchase. Whip up the mood and provide lots of information here. It has a positive effect on sales.

Our experience shows that telling the artists as soon as they are ready is very sales-triggering. If you do not state this you risk the audience not buying a ticket.

Remember: The audience who is on Tikkio’s website or app has already shown interest. Take this opportunity to make sure they buy.

In addition to a good overview of artists, one should also tell when these play. This is especially true if it is a festival that takes place for several days and / or extends over many hours. When you first do this, be sure to include all other relevant information such as age limit, attendance certificate, parking, how to get there, links to playlists, what to bring to the event, etc.


  • The audience is concerned about which artists to play

  • Add the artist list to the event page as soon as they are ready

  • You must also include show time

  • Good information about artists on the event side ensures a better sale

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