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Ask your customers!

There are many good reasons to stay in touch with existing customers. No one provides better feedback, and you never know where great ideas arises.

Feedback from your customers is an important because it helps you to understand what works and does not – both in terms of the event, the information before, during and after, and is a way to get new ideas from fresh eyes.

Gut feeling and other kinds of observations are excellent, but if you ask your customers, you can get a clearer picture of how your business and your events are perceived, what your customers lack, and how you can further develop.

Besides getting a useful feedback, the effect is also that you show your customers that you worry about them, and that you retain the “top of mind” relationship even after the event is over.

Below, we review a number of points that you can be inspired by when preparing and sending out a questionnaire.


Start by making your form

TypeForm is an example of a form service.

There are many powerful digital tools out there that are typically free until your needs grow bigger. Questback and SurveyMonkey are among the best known – but also Google Forms is used by many, as it is “forever free”, but limited in design options. If you would like the opportunity to style and customize your form, then it typically has a price, but is usually quite reasonable. TypeForm is an example of a service that has become popular especially for its design and flexibility.


Test your form

It is a good idea to test your form by completing it a few times yourself – but you could also ask some colleagues or friends to run it through to ensure that all your questions and answers are easy to understand and accessible. Before sending out to a lot of “unknown” customers.


Sending from your private email

When your form is ready to receive answers, it must be sent to your list of customers who have agreed to receive material from you. If your list is below 100 email addresses, then you can typically use your regular email address – but remember to use the BCC field! This is incredibly important – especially in the wake of GDPR – since you are most likely not allowed to share your subscribers’ information with each other or other third parties.


Limits by using your own email

If you use Gmail or GSuite, you must also pay attention to the number of emails you send. Google automatically freezes your account if it is used for what you call “Bulk emails” – sending mail to larger groups of recipients. Other mail providers typically also do not allow mass-mail sendings as it charges their servers and is not considered part of their product. It is therefore not recommended to use your own mail for newsletters and questionnaires, so we will definitely recommend you to find a Bulk Service immediately.


Which Bulk Mail services can I choose from?

MailChimp is a popular service for mass mailing

There are plenty of services for sending out large amounts of mail. The most famous is probably MailChimp, which has both a nice design, many functionalities and flexibility in relation to price and needs. As a cheaper alternative, SendGrid is available, but CampaignMonitor and ActiveCampaign are more detailed and automating tools for the slightly harder core of online marketers.


Offer something of value as a thank you

When both form and mass mailing tool are in place, you can send to your respondents. Remember, your asking them to do you a favor so it might be a good idea to distribute a prize or offer something else valuable to the recipients – this could be the results of your investigation, for example, so they have an additional reason to respond. on your form. It is also always a good idea to ensure that respondents receive a confirmation of participation.


  • Select a form
  • Test your form
  • Choose a Bulk Mail tool
  • Offer something of value as a “thank you for the participation”

Remember to collect acceptances

We recommend collecting email addresses for newsletters as many places as possible: on your website, on your Facebook page, and of course also with your ticket system.

We have made it easy to collect the acceptances, and you can always start using them later.

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