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Newsletter November 2019

Then there is good news about 2 great features, collection on minor additions and new posts on the blog ?

The Enter App is live

Our brand new entry app is finally live and can be downloaded for both Android and iPhone. We are very pleased with the result, but are equally excited to hear your feedback. Here are a few key features:

  • Offline mode
  • Speed ​​Improvement
  • Search Function
  • De-validate
  • User Login

Download the app here

Read our guide

Organizer Profil


We have added a new tab in Event Manager, which you will find under the “Account & Reports” module. The tab is called “Profile” and you can now add content and defaults to your organizer account.

  • Content for views
    • Optional organizer name
    • Organizer description
    • banner
    • Logo

The content is used eg to the redesigned organizer page with all your events with us, on the event itself, on the ticket PDF, etc.

  • Defaults for auto-fill for events
    • Event type
    • Website
    • Minimum Age
    • Venue

Defaults are used to auto-fill the fields the next time you create an event. The values ​​can still be edited for each event.

Honorable Mentions

Lately, we’ve also released a number of smaller additions – click on the titles to read more:

Event release timer
Set a time to publish your event

?Related events in checkout flow ?
Events from the same organizer are suggested

? Queue system for large events ?
Get in touch if you need a queue

? Venue directory added ?
Existing venues are suggested when creating events

The blog is heating up

?? A little visit to Jugendfest in Ålesund
?How important is your own website?

On the way

Performer tagging
The Venue catalog was the first of two catalogs that we have been working on creating. The next catalog will be for Performers who will be able to be tagged for each event

We have started working on coupons, which should initially be ticket admission, but the plan is to expand the feature to include event access and discounts as soon as possible.


  • Tikkio ENTER is live
  • Personalization of organizer profiles
  • Event Release timer
  • Related events in checkout flow
  • Queue system for large events

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