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The different year 2020 – and the way forward

For obvious reasons, the Covid crisis led to major challenges for our organizers and thus also we in Tikkio. Fortunately, the future looks brighter, with a lot of new functionality in place and continued strong growth in the number of organizers.

Strong start

We started 2020 with strong growth. Before the Covid crisis hit in early March, we had an increase of 40% compared to last year. Then it went as expected – a significant drop in turnover when the restrictions for the organizers began to appear. Still, it did not go as wrong as you might think. Tikkio has many organizers who have had to arrange something also under the new restrictions. One would think that lower turnover has given us less to do – quite the contrary: All the relocations and cancellations have meant that we have had to work hard and well over a long period of time to provide information and advice to organizers, information to end customers, refunds and more. We have received feedback from several of you that you appreciate that we have maintained service level and development skills in the difficult times – it should only be missing: It is you we live by.

New payment partner

This summer, we switched to Nets as a payment partner. Alternatives other than Nets had far worse conditions for you as organizers, with withholding money until the end of the event as standard for everyone, regardless of the size of the event or creditworthiness. At Nets, payment with a 30-day delay is standard, while a few organizers (preferably the largest events) do not receive payment before the end of the event. The reason is obvious: Bank connections all over the world want to reduce their own risk in the event of bankruptcy and the like. We have been promised by Nets that when normal times approach, we will also look at changing the terms for everyone.

New functionality

During the year, we have developed a lot of functionality that has been useful given the special situation with the Covid crisis, but which also has a lot to offer in the normal state.

  • Donation solution
  • Gift card solution
  • Self-refund for end customers
  • Refund receipt to end customer showing amount, account to which it has been refunded and refund date
  • Live streaming solutionTip in Event Manager marked with an (i) that tells more about the functionality behind each point
  • Place search for nightclub / organizer
  • City search by cities
  • Separate profile pages for each organizer with address, logo, contact information and all events available
  • More and more participant information points that can be added to find out more about each participant
  • Tags to mark events such as Canceled, Sold out, Postponed, Get tickets, etc.
  • Artist links to Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud
  • Email with reminder to end customer a few days before the start of the event
  • Retrieve more information from end customer such as date of birth and gender (Male, Female, Other)

Business Intelligence

Making your organizers even smarter is one of our most important values ​​and goals. We want you to have as many tools as possible to make good assessments before, during and after an event. A major part of our development capacity in 2020 has agreed to secure more data and ensure the quality of what we already have. In a short time, you will have access to a Business Intelligence solution where you, by comparing your own figures historically, can make good assessments for the future.


We have Vipps in test now and expect it to be rolled out as a payment option for all organizers during January or early February. This makes it even easier for your customers to make purchases quickly.

Sales tools

Although we have had it for a long time, it is only in the last year that we see that more and more organizers are using the opportunities that lie in tracking marketing via Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Google. You set this up yourself under Marketing in Event Manager. There is a lot to pick up here. We are happy to assist with good advice on how marketing, pricing mechanisms (discounted advance sales, etc.) etc. can boost your pre-sales and give you better liquidity, better planning basis and confidence before the start of the event. Tikkio is still run and owned by industry people, and through experience these years we have a lot to contribute.

Increasing user numbers and new organizers

We have passed 530,000 users and 2600 organizers. The growth in the number of organizers is far higher than we had expected when the crisis hit. It tells us that our good reputation goes before us and that organizers apply to us even in times of crisis.

We take this opportunity to thank you for the year that was and look forward to the continuation!