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Building loyalty towards sponsors, suppliers and regulars

Make sure those who are loyal customers get extra good terms with lower prices, opportunity to buy before others, etc.

As an organizer you have some customers who are more important than others. It is they who repeatedly show up to your events, those who spend extra money on eg. Food and or drink when they are there and who subsequently speak well about you and your events. It may be advantageous to treat these ambassadors extra well. But who are they? Ambassadors can often be divided into two groups:

1. Loyal customers.

They are the ones who buy most often and / or follow you. If you have a newsletter solution where people are affiliated with or a Facebook page, then you can start there. Release the tickets first for those who are on the newsletter or drop them exclusively on your Facebook page. Then those who follow extra well on you will feel a little extra special and can secure a ticket before others. If you also lower the price a little, it will further stimulate sales. Those who are not on the list or follow on Facebook can hear about this from a person who is “insider” and will thus sign up for a newsletter or as your Facebook page.

2. Partners and sponsors.

Some may have sponsored your event. Others have partners in design, marketing, rigging, food and drink, etc. Make sure they also have access to tickets first and maybe at a lower price than everyone else. They may be worried about the commercial parts of your event, but they are also private, which can often be interested in your events as part of their own free time or as customer care over their own customers and contacts.


  • Loyal customers, sponsors and others who need to be characterized as VIPs are important to your profitability. Take the opportunity to treat these particularly well.

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