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Contact list – without duplicates

Need a quick contact list to overview participations information - fear not - our ticket system has that option

The list of participants during each event in Event Manager has been there for a while, with an overview of all tickets sold and with an xls list with one ticket per line. But what about when you want to contact people before or after an event and have no idea how to remove duplicate in .xls? Look no further.

If you go to the Contact List, you will receive a list with one recipient per line, so you can send an email or text message to everyone in connection. changes such as cancellations, relocations, etc.

The privacy policy means that you must not use this option uncritically – this applies to information that is extraordinary before, during or after an event.

AND make sure that ev. mailings take place without customers seeing who else has received it. Most professional email programs fix this, but if you use your own email, then put the recipients in the Blind Copy field and then yourself in the recipient field.

If you have any questions, challenges or ideas for our ticket system or for your ticket sales, you can always contact us via the chat function in EventManager

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