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Counting guests and other arrival statistics

You can use Tikkio to keep track of how many are scanned and what type of tickets are being scanned. This is good both for evaluating the ongoing or just completed event as well as for planning new ones.

Keeping track of how many people participate in an event is important in terms of health, environment and safety as well as in terms of sales. If there is still room for more people at your concert or festival, a good overview of how many people are present will make it possible to sell more tickets in the door. Also in the evaluation of an event, counting can contribute to a better understanding of the event and the planning of future events: How many are scanned at different times? when were they scanned in? Which types of tickets are being scanned?

There are two ways to get an overview to keep the count:

1. Tikkio Scan app

The Tikkio Scan app gives you an overview of how many people are scanned for the event if you wish. When creating Scanner in Event Manager, you can answer “Yes” to the question of “Viewing statistics during scanning”. Then the total number of tickets on the scanner unit is shown and how many of these are scanned. But it may be that as an organizer you will not have any volunteer in the door to see how many people have been scanned. In that case, select no, and then create a separate scanner that only you see. Then you can follow live even if you are sitting in the office or at home. Then press “Create new scanner”, select “Yes” on the above question, and then as an organizer you have a device that keeps control of the count for you.

By having guards, volunteers or the like, with a click counter you can have an overview of them leaving the event, how many people are inside, etc. This is done both for security reasons, but also for the possibility of selling more tickets in the door when people leaving events and not coming back. If people get bonded and can go in and out, it is wise to count both incoming and outgoing.

2. Event Manager statistics

In the main menu of Event Manager you will find a separate menu called “Scanning log”. Here you can select the time when you want to see the scan frequency for a specific period. This is useful for that

a) Evaluate the current planing

b) Schedule future events


  • You can watch how many people attend an event via Tikkio Scan and Event Manager
  • You can also use “Scanning Log” to view specific time periods when the tickets are scanned

At Tikkio, we do our utmost to provide a simple and inexpensive ticket system. The deciding factor in the ongoing development process is close contact with the organizers. If you have a feedback on counting and scanning or any other topic related to our business, please contact us. The fastest way to get in touch is via the chat window, which you can find on all organizers’ pages when you are online. You can also contact us at