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Scanning tickets

This guide will show you, as an organizer, how to use Tikkio's mobile scan function. From retrieval and creation of scanner to "ready-to-go".

The creation of the scanner function consists of the following 3 steps

  1. Create scanner in Event manager
  2. Get scanner app
  3. Login on scanner app

All what you do in Event Manager remains a draft until you publish your event so you can calmly try.

1. Creating a Scanner in the Event Manager.

The first thing to do is log in to the event manager with your organizer account at Then select the event you want to create a scanner for. Click on the event and you will be sent to the main page of the event. can inform you about the turnover, the number of tickets sold etc. Click on the tab “scanners”.

You must now create a scanner and define the type of scanner you want. On the “Scanners” page of the Event manager there will also be a step-by-step guide to the creation.

Click “Create Scanner” and you will now be asked to choose which tickets and items your scanner should be able to manage. and if you are in doubt, just select all available.

When this is done, click the “Create Scanner” button and your settings will be saved. You have now created your first Tikkio Scanner function.

Tip: If you want several different scanners for one arrangement, it is a good idea to give a clear name to the individual scanner.

2. Downloading the Scanner app.

Next, you need a smartphone or tablet that will act as your physical scanner. You can use the direct links below or download them via your device.


When the app is downloaded, you need to go to the last phase that is logging in to the scanner.

3. Login to scanner.

When the app “Tikkio scan” is open on your tablet, you are asked to log on to an event with QR code. Press the “login” button on your tablet and hold it over the QR code that you see on this page in your browser.


You will now be able to see that you are logged in to the given event and scan the name of your tablet. You can now press the Scan button on your tablet and start scanning tickets.



3 steps in connecting scanner

  • Create scanner
  • Download app
  • Login on app

You are always welcome to contact us if you need help with setting up event and ticket details. The easiest way is to write to us in the live chat, which is available on all pages of Event Manager.