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Fight against ticket fees and charges

Are you tired of opaque ticket fees and charges? We are !! That's why we offer full transparency - these are our thoughts on ticket fees.

Who gains from high fees?

As an organizer and as a ticket buyer, one wonders how the fee and the fees for ticket sales are screwed up. And how can you sometimes pay 15-20 DKK in fees for a ticket for 80 DKK? What is the reason for being an organizer giving up to 10-15% in fees to the ticket provider? High and not least opaque ticket fees will not benefit anyone – neither the organizer nor the customer.

Fees don’t sound right

First of all, the words fees and charges have a negative tone. In addition, it often just confuses the customer and blurs the real price of the ticket. That’s why we at Tikkio believe that the customer must always see the real price – all inclusive!

It can also be difficult for organizers to understand the fee structure if a ticket provider takes both one fee from the customer (sometimes per ticket), one handling fee from the organizer, one transaction fee to use a payment solution. This, in turn, confuses and blurs the real numbers.

Why should it be so difficult to see through?

The honest answer must be that the complex math makes it difficult for the organizer to evaluate alternatives and thereby change ticket provider. That is why Tikkio has gone to fight against opaque with 4% commission for using platform, apps, sparring and everything else needed to sell tickets. A fixed rate which is calculated for the organizers, a price for the customers they can trust and not least – NO hidden fees or charges.

Arguments against transparency?

In many cases, the entire ticket tax goes to ticket companies and although the organizer should argue that this should be paid by the end customer, it does not change that in practice it will be a loss for both the organizer and the ticket buyer. In the end, it’s all about getting the most culture and most experiences for the money.


  • Neither the organizer nor the customer gets anything out of high fees
  • Do you, as an organizer, know what your current solution really costs?
  • Avoid opacity

Tikkio always strives to be the simplest, best and most transparent ticket system on the market. Do you have any questions about ticket sales, fees or similar? please contact us at

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