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Free guidance and advice

Tikkio is about more than being a cheap system for selling tickets. We who work here are familiar with most aspects of the event's preparation and implementation. Ask us!

Tikkio is much more than a ticket system. The company is run by people with love for the event industry and with lots of knowledge and experience. Based on thousands of events and millions of transactions and people, we know a lot about most aspects of event operations – big and small.


Use us! Our advice is a free supplement and it is done with thoroughness and at full discretion. We gladly contribute with our knowledge of sales strategy, marketing, queuing systems, which artists who sell tickets, security, toilet capacity or whatever. And if we can’t answer your questions ourselves, we can give tips on others who can help.

Questions can be directed to or to (+47) 411 49 000.


  • Tikkio is not just about ticket sales.
  • Tikkio does what we can to increase awareness of the organizers.
  • Ask us if there is anything you have any doubts.

Tikkio is started and led by enthusiasts in the event industry. Through thousands of events, we have acquired great knowledge. In order for us to remain a cheap and good ticket system, close contact with you as an organizer is important. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at

Country Manager Tikkio Denmark | Product & Business Development Tikkio International - I have a background as musician and financial advisor in the music business. I'm curious by nature and driven by building stuff. My favorite work tool is Notion and my musical heroes are Oasis, Bruce Springsteen and Kanye West.