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had to throw their jackets

a little anecdote about our work ethic and philosophy

In the photo you see two Tikkio employees. Here they are at an event in Oslo. Everything is fine. A few hours later, they stand outside another nightclub and scan in for an even bigger event. Everything is fine there too, but then they get a request from one of the nightclub staff: They have an agreement with a competing ticket provider that tells that only this provider’s logo can be visible in the entrance area, even if other ticket providers are responsible for the settlement. So then the t-shirt was in minus degrees.

Our philosophy

The story above is told because it is illustrative of Tikkio’s origin. The idea of ​​Tikkio was developed by festival people who wanted an uncomplicated and inexpensive ticket solution. The ticket systems that were – and are – available in the market are characterized by complicated pricing systems and contracts that lock organizers over time – often with exclusivity agreements at the bottom. We at Tikkio not only have the cheapest ticket solution on the market, but have also dropped everything that tastes of restricting free competition. We have no binding time or exclusivity clauses.

Our customers stay with us because they want to, not because they have to.

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Account, Customer success & Content Manager in Tikkio Denmark.
I am a former musician with an MSc in Economics and Business Administration. Pragmatist, with broad knowledge in sub-cultures. I enjoy working with the CRM-tool Pipedrive, and have a great big love for the 1960s soul and beat music as well as Veronica Maggio.