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Access for accounting

We have made it easier for our organizers to give the accounting officer access to the relevant numbers ?

We are constantly trying to improve our ticketing system to make working in Tikkio’s Event Manager more simple, safe and smart.

You may have noticed that we have made some changes to our report broadcasts. We have done this to improve safety and with future changes in mind.

We have added a new permission for administrators, where the organizer can add his accountant with access to “Reports”. The accountant can then pull out the required reports himself, and will also receive the payout notification email every Wednesday.

This is activated simply by:

NB: it is important that the accountant’s mail is created with a user with us in advance. If not, it can be done here.

As can be seen, all previous payout reports are accessible and it is possible to generate manual reports with exactly the data requested. Thus, the accounting officer does not have access to the creation of tickets, events or other settings – just the relevant figures and data.


  • We have made it easier to access the relevant figures for accounting officers
  • Follow the simple guide to set it up
  • The accounting officer has access to reports and data only

If you have any questions about setting up Accounting or other parts of Event Manager, you can contact us via the Event Manager chat feature or at