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Changes to settings before sale, in sales and after the event

This post gives an overview of what options you have to change your arrangement / ticket settings before sale, in sales and after the event is held.

There are usually four stages associated with ticket sales in Tikkios Event Manger. In this post we will review the four stages as well as which editing options you have during each stage. The four stages are as follows:

  • Before Sales: This is where you first create your event and your tickets. All settings just work as a draft before you publish your event and put the tickets for sale.
  • Reservation: Once the customer has placed tickets in the basket, this will act as a reservation.
  • In sale: When the tickets are first put on sale, your changes will affect customers and therefore there are various rest actions imposed.
  • After the event: Once the event is over, the opportunity also closes to make changes.

Before sale

Before you put your tickets for sale and publish in Tikkios Event Manager, you can correct ALL settings and information. This applies both to ticket and event level. As long as you have not published and sold some tickets, you naturally have no buyers who are affected by these changes. Therefore, you are free to change all settings.


This stage covers when your event is published, the tickets are for sale and your customers have thrown them into the basket. The customer may not have bought and paid the ticket yet. As long as the ticket is in a customer’s basket, these are seen as reserved. As long as you have tickets during booking, it is also not possible to change the settings as it will change the premise of a sale while it is in progress.

Nb: The only option you have as an organizer in this situation is to create new tickets.

In sale

As soon as you have sold 1 ticket or more, the buyer can be affected by the changes you make and therefore there are some restrictions for you as an organizer. However, there are some options that will still be possible to change along the way, while others at this time will be locked. Below you will see a table that gives an overview of which settings are possible to change and which ones are locked.

After the event

As you cannot turn the time back in reality – you can neither do this in Tikkios Event Manager. When your event is first held you do not have the opportunity to go back and change your settings – neither at event nor ticket level. However, you can always access your statistics and relevant figures for events held in Tikkios Event Manager.


  • Four stages of ticket sales.
  • For sale it is possible to change all settings.
  • When the event is published and the tickets are on sale, there may be restrictions on changes.
  • It is not possible to change your settings after the event ends.

If you are unsure about which changes you can make and which changes you have, you are always welcome to contact us at

In our quest to become a safe, fast, easy and cheap ticket system, it is important to contact you as an organizer. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.