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Converting tickets

You have the option of allowing purchased ticket conversions for your buyers - which can be converted into gift cards or donations

In the event of cancellation or deferral of an event, you can allow your ticket buyers to convert their tickets to either a gift card or a donation.

You can read more about gift cards here and donations here.

Activate permissions

To allow conversions, go to the relevant event in Event Manager. From there, click “Edit Event Information” and scroll down to the bottom of the event settings, where you’ll find a section with permissions for each type of conversion as well as an expiration time. It is not required to specify an expiration time, but it may be relevant to limit the permits to eg 14 days.

User Experience

When conversions are allowed, the ticket buyer can log into our website and find his tickets under “My user account”. In the list of user events there is a button for respectively. gift cards and donations, after which the user is asked to choose which of his tickets for the particular event to be converted. Then the relevant terms of use are presented and the conversion can be confirmed.

User terms

When a ticket buyer completes a conversion of his tickets, the original order is canceled and a new one is issued, which the buyer receives by mail. Buyer’s Possible Thus, claims for delivery or reimbursement of an event are waived. The conversion is made with the full amount of the original order so no fee / commission is deducted.

The details of conversions can be found in our general terms of use here.

Capacity & reports

The tickets are returned and included again in the event capacity. In your sales reports, the conversion will appear as a refund of tickets for one event, while at the same time a new “ticket” will be sold as a gift card or donation. Read more about bookkeeping here.


  • Enable conversions under event settings
  • Ticket buyers can log in and complete conversions themselves
  • The original order is canceled and a new order is executed
  • Tickets go back on sale and appear as reimbursed in reports