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Duplicate previously created tickets

This post shows you tips and tricks for our expanded ticket features.

Duplicate previously created tickets

One of the more time-saving tricks that can have great functionality is duplication of tickets. This has its advantage when you have to create several types of tickets for a given event.

This is done simply by logging into the Event manager at, then click on the event that you want to add more tickets to.

Go to the “Tickets” tab. You will now see the tickets already created.

You will now be able to duplicate previously created tickets. Click on the “previous tickets” tab and select a ticket type from the list and click “Duplicate“.

Hereby the information from the previously created ticket will be transferred and you can now settle for correcting small items such as name and / or price, instead of completing the entire form again.

Once you have corrected your new ticket, scroll down the page and click “Save.” You have now created a new ticket with just a few clicks.


  • Our duplication function is time-saving.
  • Apply the duplication function to the creation of multiple ticket types.

You are always welcome to contact us if you need help with setting up event and ticket details. The easiest way is to write to us in the live chat, which is available on all pages of Event Manager.