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Enable donations

Those who have an organizer account with us can activate a donation button with some simple clicks, so those who want to donate can start giving immediately.

The Corona virus has enormous consequences for society as a whole, both healthily and financially. One of the industries that was hit the earliest and hardest is the experience industry.

We make every effort to keep the wheels rolling for artists, organizers and other actors who live by gathering people.
That is why we have launched a donation button.

How does the donation button work?

Below is a picture of how the donation button will appear on your organizer page.

Those who wish to donate can choose from four types of donations of  50, 100, 500 or 1000 NOK.

Everyone who uses the donation solution will receive 96% of what comes in on an ongoing basis. We donate another 1% to the many large industry organizations that are now struggling for artists, organizers, nightclubs and other cultural workers to have a brighter future. There is a lot of extra work in the new functionality, and we cover everything from transaction costs to the banks, server rent and everything from administration.

The attentive user sees that we have allowed ourselves to lend some titles as an ode to the music we love. These titles are static and cannot be changed at this time.

However, there is no maximum for the donations and it is possible to select several different donation types at the same time.

If you choose to use these initiatives, we encourage you to update your organizer profile first. You can read how to do this here


Donation button activation

Those with an organizer account can activate a donation button with some simple clicks, so those who want to donate can start giving immediately.

This feature is enabled as follows:

  1. Go to Event Manager
  2. Click the “Enable Donations” button
  3. Check Enable Donation
  4. Remember to save



  • Get a donation button on your organizer page
  • 96% of the donations are paid directly to you as an organizer + 1% is donated to industry organizations
  • No maximum for donations
  • The donation button is set up with a few clicks in Event Manager

If you are not already an organizer with us, this can be done here

If you have any questions about donations, creation or anything else about our ticketing system, you can always contact us via the chat feature in Event Manager or at