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Enabling Enhanced Ecommerce for Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used on most websites and can also be implemented on your events with us. It requires a quick configuration.

In this article, we assume that you already have an account with Google Analytics and just need to set it up to receive so-called “Ecommerce” data – the rest of the technical we have already taken care of you. Follow the three steps below:

  1. Enable e-commerce
  2. Set currency
  3. Insert ID into Event Manager

Enable e-commerce for your Google Analytics property

In Google Analytics you can have several different so-called “properties”. Each property is a tracking ID that can be installed on different sites. We generally recommend that you make use of a simple property for tracking both on your own website and with us, but if you would like to test your receipt of sales data with us before mixing it with the data you are accustomed to from your own site, so you can possibly. start by creating a new property and call it “Tikkio tracking” or the like.

Once you have decided on a property, go to “Administrator” at the bottom of the menu on the left. There you select “E-commerce settings” in the impressions column.

Set currency

Basically, your property is set to USD (US Dollars) as the currency. We recommend changing the currency to the same as you sell your tickets in, but if you’d rather keep your Google analysis in another currency, our numbers will just be converted – as we also send currency codes to Google.

To change the currency of the property, go to “Viewing Options” in the Impressions column.

At the bottom of this tab, select the currency. You can also set a website and country, but these settings are not absolute, and therefore do not have the great importance – they should always be completed. If you have no website, just type

Insert ID into Event Manager

Now is the time to find your ID so that it can be copied and inserted into Event Manager. Go to “Tracking Information” in the column for the property and click “Tracking Code” just below.


Copy your tracking ID and go to Event Manager -> Account & Reports -> Marketing, where the ID is inserted into the specified field. Remember to save!


  1. Enable e-commerce
  2. Set currency
  3. Insert ID into Event Manager

We recommend that you read our article “From supermarket to checkout flow, tags, triggers and pixels” to understand the events and be able to utilize them optimally in your further work on analysis and marketing.