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Extra attendee information

This is a guide on how to add additional participant information to your tickets.

Extra attendee information.

When you create your tickets, you have the opportunity to add additional requirements to participant information. This can be an advantage if you are looking for specific information about your customers who do not appear on the list of participants. You will already receive the mail and phone number of each buyer through the list under the “Participants” tab.

We therefore recommend only using this function in special cases, as this makes the process longer for the buyer.

Add the additional requirements by double clicking on any requirement such as allergen.

Remember to click “save” at the bottom of the page when you have finished editing your ticket.

If you need any specific participant information, please contact us. Then we will make sure they are added to the list.



  • Add extra attendee information to your tickets.
  • Be aware what and how much you ask for.

You are always welcome to contact us if you need help with setting up event and ticket details. The easiest way is to write to us in the live chat, which is available on all pages of Event Manager.