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Gift cards for your organizer account

All users can buy gift cards for your events on Tikkio. The gift card is purchased from your Organizer Profile and has a running balance

When you sell tickets through Tikkio, you automatically get an Organizer Profile where all your events are displayed. You can add a logo, a banner and some information about you as an organizer – read more here.


Gift Card terms

Along with your events is also the opportunity to buy a gift card for your profile with us. This means that the gift card is directly linked to your account and your events – so it cannot be used for events from other organizers on our platform. All gift cards expire 1 year after the date of purchase and cannot be undone by the buyer. There is no limit to how many times a gift card can be redeemed as long as there is still a balance to be utilized.

Gift card purchase

The buyer selects a desired value for the gift card, which is added to the shopping cart exactly like a ticket to an event. How to buy a gift card:

1. Visit Organizer Profile
2. Enter amount and add to shopping cart
3. Complete order – pay

Redeeming a gift card

The gift card is then redeemed during the checkout process when the holder trades his tickets. How to redeem a gift card:

1. Visit event page and select tickets
2. Proceed to Checkout and enter Gift card ID
3. Complete order – pay excess amount if necessary

Gift card balance

Each time the gift card is redeemed, the balance on the gift card is updated. So if tickets are traded at a value less than the gift card balance, then the remaining amount remains available on the gift card.

All purchased gift cards and the current balance are always accessible to the buyer from their user account with us. The balance can also be checked from

Sales Report

Gift Cards have been given a dedicated “event” in your sales reports, so you can pull out the isolated sale or have “Gift Cards” included in a joint report for multiple events. Read more about reports.

The amount of redeemed gift cards is shown on page 1 of your sales report when you drag a report for multiple events at a time. This is because gift cards can be redeemed in connection with the purchase of multiple tickets for various events. Read more about bookkeeping.


  • Gift certificates are purchased from your organizer profile and are linked to your account with us
  • Expires after 1 year, non-refundable
  • Balance is updated with each redemption
  • The sale appears as an “event” in your reports

Your organizer account can also receive donations – read more here.