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Hide start / end time and age limit on your event

This entry explains how to opt in or out to show start / end times as well as the age limit for your event in Tikkios Event Manager.

When you create an event in Event Manager, it is possible to both hide the start and end time of your event. In addition, it is possible to add an age limit directly to your event.

Hide start and end time

As a starting point you must specify a start and an end time when you create an event in Event Manger. But what do you do if you don’t have any fixed times or have more fluid times? Then you have the opportunity to hide it from the customer. Initially, it is always a good idea to set the framework for your event and communicate it to your guests, but sometimes this is not an option and here the hidden times become a good idea. Small fields appearing to the left of the box, indicating the start and end time. The default setting is that the start and end time are specified and made visible, so it is up to you to choose otherwise

Minimum age

For many organizers, it is important to relate to minimum age for their events. Therefore, we at Tikkio, have chosen to include the possibility of specifying age limit as a fixed part of the creation of an event. However, it is optional whether to utilize this feature. 


  • You can hide the start and end time of your event
  • You can optionally set an age limit for your event
  • Both features is easily made in Event Manager


The core of our business philosophy is a close dialogue with you and other organizers. To make sure you have the best ticket solution on the market. If you have any doubts about how these features work or have any other questions about creating an event, please contact us at