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Livestream via Tikkio

do you want to sell tickets to your live stream? Now you have the opportunity to combine Tikkio's ticket sales with your preferred stream

We have just updated the livestream so that it will be even better to use for end customers. In addition to email notification and that they find the livestream within My user account, a livestream icon also appears in the upper right corner automatically if they have tickets to a stream. Furthermore, changes have been made so that one gets a full screen experience.

Here’s how it works for you as an organizer:

  1. Add “Live stream” as the type of event
  2.  Create a streaming ticket and add the address to the stream – e.g. a secret page on YouTube. Then the stream is built into Tikkio’s interface and the link can not be shared to those who do not have a ticket.
  3. Audiences who have purchased a streaming ticket will receive an email in advance with a link to the event, plus it will be visible on the event page and on the front page.
  4.  They can watch the event live, pause and adjust the volume.


If you need guidance or ideas for your livestream or ticket sales, you can always contact us via the chat function in the event manager