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Log scanned tickets – A good planning tool

A good overview of when the scan is done gives you a better basis for planning your capacity.

The menu item “Scanning log” can be found in Event Manager during all your events. Here you can choose all ticket types or just simple and set the time when you want to investigate. Then you get an overview of how many people were scanned into a period. This feature is useful in the posterity of an event under the following conditions:

1. Planning future events. If you want to plan the entry capacity of an event, it is helpful to look at past events to map out when to expect it to be the most demanding

2. To identify the facts about congestion, among other things. after an event, if complaints have come in, etc. If something has gone wrong, the log clearly shows how many people were scanned for the specified time period

3. Find out how many of a ticket type is being scanned – e.g. if you have sent to partners, and these only have to pay according to how many are used.


  • The “Scan log” menu item allows you to control how many were scanned during the selected time period

  • The log can be used to plan future events, uncover facts about events held and find out how many tickets of a particular type have been used

Scanning tickets are an important part of our ticket system. The logging of when the scan is done can be a useful feature for many. If you have any comments on how this feature works, please do not hesitate to contact us. Use the chat window when you are logged in to Event Manager or send a message to