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Newsletter setup

Do you want to build a news list that allows you to contact your ticket buyers with offers about other relevant events? Then it can easily be implemented as part of the purchase flow at Tikkio.

Not only does Tikkio want to provide a cheap, competitive ticketing system, but make marketing simple for all organizers.

Newsletters can be an effective marketing tool that allows you to speak directly into your ticket buyers’ inbox.

Since the Personal Data Regulation (GDPR) came into force, it is necessary to gather the consent of those you wish to contact about eg sales. Therefore, it is a good idea to include the opportunity to sign up for a newsletter directly in the purchase flow.

With Tikkio, you can include the desire for a newsletter in 2 ways. This makes it very flexible for you as an organizer to specify your newsletters and thus segment your ticket buyers.

NB. If you simply want to contact your ticket buyers about changes related to your event or send them information related to each event, you still have the opportunity to use our participant lists

Setting up newsetters

When you log in to Event Manager you have the option to add newsletters by clicking under “Account and reports“. Then click on the “Newsletters” tab. You will now have the opportunity to create newsletter for each event or a newsletter which will be linked to the organizer account. This way your newsletter will be included in all your events.

What does it look like for ticket buyers?

Below is an example of how subscription to the newsletters will be included in the purchase flow.

As seen in the picture, the subscription to the newsletters is placed directly above the acceptance of the terms of purchase. This will allow buyers to see this when they have to accept these conditions to complete the purchase.



  • Include news lists as part of the purchase flow
  • Newsletters allow news and other marketing to be sent directly to ticket buyers
  • Complies with the GDPR rules
  • Create news lists for each event or across your events

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