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Personal QR code (Tikkio Wallet) and standalone tickets

In this post, we explain the different types of tickets you as an organizer can meet at the scan for your event.

Tikkio always strives to be the best, simplest and safest ticket system on the market.

Therefore, we have chosen to introduce a Wallet or Personal QR feature to the guests. This feature aims to bring together all of the guest’s active ticket (purchased from Tikkio) into a single “Wallet” and allows you to scan multiple tickets for the same event at once. This can be very time-saving for guests and the organizers / organizers.

Tikkio Wallet will look like a QR code in the same way as single tickets, but can save on multiple tickets for the same event. Therefore, it is important for you as organizer to be aware of this when scanning.

Below you will see the various examples of Tikkio Wallet or personal QR and standalone tickets that you might encounter in connection with scanning tickets.

Tikkio’s user app

If your guests have downloaded the Tikkio user app, they will automatically use the Tikkio Wallet which can contain more tickets. The guest’s smartphone will look like this:

When scanning this type, the scanner can show if there are one or more tickets for the given event.

2. other forms of Wallet / Personal QR

You can also meet 2 other versions of the personal QR code. These can be printed or on guests’ mobile devices. These forms will be sent to the guest’s mail upon completion of the purchase or as part of the receipt. These can also be scanned in the same way as using the app or standalone tickets.



Single tickets

This ticket type contains, as the name indicates, only one ticket. There will also be a QR code on the ticket. However, this code could only be scanned once. This type of ticket will also show ticket information that does not appear from the other ticket types presented above.


  • Du kan møte forskjellige billettyper ved innscanning til ditt arrangement
  • Du kan møte enten personlige QR-koder som inneholder flere billetter, eller enkeltbilletter
  • Ovenfor vises visuelle eksempler på de forskjellige billettypene.

Ikke nøl med å kontakte oss på om du har smørsmål angående vårt billettsystem eller innscanning til ditt arrangement.