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Personalized Organizer Profile

Do you want to personalize your organizer account and add descriptions, logos or links? With Tikkio as a ticket system you can make ticket sales more personal and colorful.

We have added a new tab in Event Manager, which you will find under the “Account & Reports” module. The tab is called “Profile” and you can now add content and defaults to your organizer account.

  • Content for views
    • Optional organizer name
    • Organizer description
    • Banner
    • Logo

The content is used, among other things. to the redesigned organizer page with all your events with us, on the event itself, on the ticket PDF, etc.

  • Defaults to auto-fill for events
    • Event type
    • Website
    • Minimum Age
    • Venue

Defaults are used to auto-fill the fields the next time you create an event. The values ​​can still be edited for each event.


  • You can personalize your organizer profile
  • You can change organizer name, add logo, images and descriptions
  • Make your organizer account look more inviting