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Printing tickets for guest list, sponsor tickets and invoice sales

Tikkio can be used free of charge to print tickets for guest lists, sponsor tickets, invoice sales, etc.

Tikkio is a ticket system for online ticket sales. As an organizer you can also use Tikkio to

  1. Generate PDF files that you can send via e-mail, chat or similar
  2. Print tickets on paper for distribution to those who want them.

If you go to the event and choose the tab “tickets”, You will see that you can use our ticket system to print tickets. Select printing. These tickets work in the same way as other tickets sold through the ticket solution. They have their own QR code and when this is scanned, these tickets as other tickets will be out of the system / used.

NB. This is a free service for you. You pay Tikkio nothing to use this feature. But you have to check how many tickets are issued and given away. A log gives you an overview of how many are issued, and you use the description field to describe what the printout is for, so you get a good overview in the future. Also note that tickets issued in this way will not be included in reports that relate only to Internet sales. Also note the current rules on free tickets / guest list tickets for reporting to the public.


  • You can use Tikkio for free to print tickets on paper or create PDF versions that can be sent by e-mail or the like.
  • You must keep track of the use of the tickets and invoicing and other settlement.

We at Tikkio do our utmost to provide a safe, easy, fast and cheap ticket system. Then the contact with you as organizer is crucial. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding print tickets or other issues. You can contact or via the chat window that appears when you are logged in to Event Manager.