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Queuing system

Tikkio has created a fair queuing system that reduces error purchases, pressure and sad end customers when releasing tickets.

In the last few weeks we have used a queue system for the events where there was much anticipation in advance. This ensures that it is 100% fair to. There are no coincidences associated with the formation of the meat such as. what internet connection you have or how fast your PC or mobile is.

If you enter the queue 2 hours before ticket sales or 2 seconds have nothing to say. Everyone who queues will be subject to a “digital draw” and placed at random when the release begins. Therefore, those who can take time off from the job do not have sufficient advantage over others. From ticket sales starting, the latest arrivals must be queued according to the order they arrived.

When you get through to buying, you can buy in peace and quiet.

So far, the experience is good

  • It is quite fair to the end customers
  • It reduces the risk of errors due to problems with Tikkio or our subcontractors
  • It reduces the risk of user error; that it gets so rushed that you buy the wrong ticket type, use the wrong card, can’t find the card or Bankid, etc.
  • If the user closes the browser or runs out of power or has other crashes with them, his place will be queued when you return to the page


  • Tikkio has introduced a queuing system
  • The queuing system is 100% fair to the end customers
  • The queuing system reduces the risk of errors
  • End customers can buy in peace and quiet.

Do you expect great pressure on ticket sales? Then we would like to be contacted in advance so that we can help with advice on the queuing system. You can contact us via chat in Event Manager or at