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Scanner and network

A wifi connection to your scanners is all you need to get a proper access control for your event.


To confirm the validity of the tickets in the entrance you have two options:

  • A scan of the QR codes on the tickets.
  • A visual check of tickets in the door, possibly with a check against the participant list that you have printed or have on your own screen.

The first option is definitely to recommend. By using this approach get answers to key points related to the deviation:

  • You sure no one comes with a valid ticket
  • You can count on the scanner, how many are inside. Together with the scan log in retrospect, this is an excellent tool for later planning and evaluation of how watchlister eg. must be created.

Go to Event Manager, the current event and select “Scanners” and you will see a recipe to activate the scanner for the current event.

Make sure your tablet or the like. phones that you want to use to scan tickets are fully charged and that charging is available along the way, either from wall / extension cord or from powerbank.

Network / WiFi

Make sure wifi works well in advance of the event. Remember that even if you have a network that works on testing, problems may occur later: High traffic, network failure, or cable damage can cause problems. It is always advisable to have a backup wifi available. 4G mini routers are a good option if the fixed line does not become available or has too little capacity.


  • Tikkio offers a solution for setting up scanners from any Android or IOS device
  • Scanning is a solid access control that prevents cheating with tickets
  • Scanning allows you to count on how many people are at a given time
  • Make sure wifi works well in advance and have a backup solution ready if your network stops working

A solid access control with counting is an important part of our ticket system. Tikkio’s Scan app ensures that you have this available on any Android or IOS device. We work hard to ensure that our ticket solution is optimal for you as an organizer. If you have comments on how we can improve, do not hesitate to contact us at the chat window available at any time, at Event Manager or send a message to