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Secret events

The event you create at Tikkio need not be visible to everyone.

Tikkio is a ticket system known through its visibility when tickets are sold. However, some events will not appear on Tikkio’s pages or otherwise search the Internet.

This can be an internal event in a company or other closed event. When you create this event in Event Manager, you can choose to be private. Then you get a long and unique internet address that is impossible to guess for extraneous people. You can send this by email or chat, post on closed intranet or Facebook pages, etc. You can also add a password for extra security – then you can prevent people from seeing the page if someone who has access to the link , should choose to share it with strangers. Then change the password only if abuse is suspected.

If only one ticket type you want to be private, you can select it in connection with the creation of the ticket: Select “Yes but Private” on the issue of the ticket being published.


  • You can create events that do not appear on or through search engines
  • Hide the event for the public and share a unique link to the event

Our ticket solution is created through close dialogue with the organizers. If you have questions about the above or other input that may contribute to an even simpler, faster, and better ticket system, please contact or the chat window displayed in Event Manager.