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Setup of Facebook catalogue and dynamic ads

Facebook's catalogs can make your ads dynamic and make your life much easier! We have made it super easy to transfer your events automatically.

You’ve probably tried to visit Zalando to take a look at a pair of shoes that you should consider just one more time. An hour later, you log on to Facebook and the sand if not the exact same shoes followed with you over there in an ad. The technique is called “Dynamic Ads,” and is linked to your product catalog and pixel on Facebook.

To get started with Facebook directories and dynamic ads, it requires you to have a Facebook Business account.

Read our Facebook Business Manager setup guide here

Creating the catalog

  1. Go to Business Settings
  2. Select “Catalogues” under “Data Sources

  3. Click “Add” – add new catalogue

  4. Name and select “Products” as the catalog type

  5. Assign rights to your users

  6. Add pixel

Data source association – your events from Tikkio

  1. Click “Open catalogue Manager”
  2. Select “Data feed” as the data source

  3. Configure feed
    1. Select “Set schedule” for ongoing transfer of goods from Tikkio
    2. Enter feed address:[TIKKIO ID]
      • Go to Event Manager Account & Reports Account information
    3. Exclude Username and Password
    4. Set time eg. plan for daily at. 02:00
    5. Name the feed, eg. “Tikkio feed”
    6. Choose currency – must match the currency used in your Tikkio account

Your events are now automatically transferred to your Facebook catalog, which you can display, for example, in your Facebook Shop or use advertising – including dynamic ads that automatically display the exact event that is most relevant to the recipient each time.


  • You can create a catalog of your products on Facebook
  • These directories can be used to create dynamic ads
  • This requires access to Facebook Manager as well as a Pixel

Tikkio is working actively to become the best ticket system on the market. That is why your thoughts, opinions and experiences are always valued with us. If you have any questions or comments about either the above posts or other parts of Tikkio’s system, you are more than welcome to contact us at or via the chat in Event Manager.