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Share sales reports

You can use our ticketing system to keep artists, management and other business partners informed about how the sale goes.

Via link

You can find this link by going to Event Manager, so choose the appropriate event. On the “Overview” tab you will find “Share sales figures via link”. Select this link and you can send it via email, chat or text message.

Via email

You can also share sales figures via emails that are sent automatically to recipients, and then they receive PDF reports, daily, weekly, monthly, depending on the frequency you want. This is a great way to keep artists, managers, etc. oriented on sales development. You will find this functionality under “Account and Reports” and then “Share Report”. You can select one or more events, choose frequency if it happens daily, weekly, monthly, etc., and then select the recipient by adding his name and email address. Once this is done, the recipient receives reports with the frequency you selected. You can enter and change this at any time.


  • You can use our ticket system to keep artists, management, partners and others informed about the sales development.
  • You can share a link that provides an overview of real-time sales, or you can set up the solution to send emails to that person.

Our ticket solution is constantly expanding with new functionality. Here is feedback from you as organizer central. Do you have opinions about how Tikkio can be the best possible ticket system for you, then do not hesitate to contact. We easily meet through the chat window on all pages of Event Manager or via