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Share your event on social media, websites etc.

Have you created one or more events in Tikkio's Event Manager, published and ready to share it with the outside world? Here you get a quick overview of which links to share and where to find them.

We, at Tikkio, will always advise you to double check that all information about your event is correct and you have added the appropriate tickets to your event before publishing.

You have probably already decided whether your event should be published right away or you want to schedule your publication. If not, you can read more about this here.

When this is done you are ready to share your event with the outside world. in Event Manager you will find two different links that may be relevant to share with your audience.

  1. Link to organizer page
  2. Link to the individual event

Links to organizer page

You will find this link on the front page when you are logged into Event Manager. When you click on “Your Organizer URL” you will automatically be redirected to your Organizer Page.

You can then copy the corpse from the URL box and share with the ticket buyers on your website, Facebook and other social media – exactly as you wish.

The organizer page is most often used when you have several events on sale at the same time. This link allows ticket buyers to get a quick overview of all your published events.

In addition, you have the opportunity to personalize your organizer profile with logo, descriptions, links that make your page look more inviting. If you haven’t done so already, read our guide here.


Link to individual events

If you just want to share a single event at a time, you will find the right link by clicking on the desired event. You can then copy and share your relevant pages.

This link can be used to send ticket buyers directly to the ticket sales. This link is often used in connection with Facebook events, updates and website.

NB. The two different links can always be prepared before you want to share your events on website, Facebook and other social media.


  • There are two links that may be relevant to your ticket buyers
  • You will find both of these links in Event Manager
  • Take a look at the pictures above where you will find the two respective links

If you have any questions about sharing events or other parts of Tikkio’s ticketing system, you are always welcome to contact us via the chat manager in Event Manager or at