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The Tikkio Enter App

We are constantly working to improve the experience with our ticketing system. That's why we have developed a new scanner app - Tikkio Enter.

Tikkio Enter is our latest version of a complete scanner app.

In the following post, we explain how the app works and what applications it has. This will enable you, as an organizer, to take full advantage of our ticketing system.

The app works on all devices and is available for both Android and iOS.



The ENTER app has 2 roles for login – with various options available in the app.

Note: Internet connection is required to log in.


  • Admin
    • Login using mail and password from user account. Can access any event in the account
  • Crew
    • Login using Device ID (QR code) – This is created via Event Manger. Can only access the event controlled by the device ID. See our Device ID Creation Guide here


The main purpose of the ENTER app is to validate issued tickets.

Validation services

The Tikkio platform includes 2 different validation services.

  1. User Wallet
    • Contains all user issued tickets for the active event
  2. Ticket
    • Contains only the ticket issued

If you want to read more about our two validation services, you can do so here

Validation methods

Each wallet and ticket can be validated in different ways:

  • Scan
    • The ENTER app uses the device camera to scan a QR Wallet or Ticket QR
  • Type
    • The ENTER app uses Wallet ID or Ticket ID to validate
  • Search
    • The ENTER app displays a list of ticket holder users along with each of the user’s tickets. The tickets can then be validated or not validated using check boxes.
    • You can search for both name on ticketholder, e-mail, cellphone number and Ticket ID.


Updates are synced at different intervals, depending on the status of the event and the state of the app. In the following we explain how you can use the app both offline and online. However, we recommend that you work online – if possible.

Synchronization intervals

  • Before the event
    • Before the event begins, the app will automatically update every 60 minutes. If the app is open and logged in.
    • If you want to use the app in an offline position, it is important that the app minimum syncs just before the event starts. This will give you the latest sales figures
  • During the event
    • While the event is running, the app will sync every minute. This means that you automatically get the current numbers while the event is on. This requires that you are logged in and have access to networks.
    • If you do not have network access, the app will be updated when you come back to a network.
  • After the event
    • When the event is completed, the app will go back to update only once every 60 minutes.
    • If you did not network on the device during the event, it is important that you get it afterwards so that data from the device is synchronized. Thus, the collected scan data is included in the scan log.


  • Tikkio Enter is our new scanning app
  • Available for both iOS and Android
  • Has two options for login
  • Has three validation options
  • Can be used both online and offline

The app can be downloaded here:

If you have questions about ticket scanning or other questions about our ticket system, please contact us at