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Ticket design

The PDF version of the tickets in Tikkio is designed so that the most relevant information is well available for both the event organizer and the guest.

A  ticket consists of two parts

  • The details of the event
  • The info connected to the ticket type

The event details

There is a lot of information about any event that is necesary to know for a ticket buyer:

  • The titel of the even typically includes the name of the artist, the show etc. It can also be a good idea to let the name of the venue be a part of the title to make it more visible when people search for example through Google.


  • The date for the event is necessary – together with the information about when the doors opens, closes and when the event starts.


  • The name of the event place or venue name and an adress  must be given to the guest.


  • The organizers name is also included on the ticket, to tell who the the ticket actually is bought by. The name is automatically added to the ticket based on the information from when the organizer registered their organizer name with us.


  • The picture added to the even is also included on the ticket.


Ticket settings

There is some information that is necessary for the sale on any ticket:

  • Ticket name  can be relevant if you have many different types of tickets in sale, for example for students, early bird tickets, one day tickets, festival tickets etc.


  • Ticket price and the amount of tickets in sale is put under the ticket menu in Event Manager.


  • The ticket can have a description that is different from the general details about the event which is relevant for the guest at the times of purchase or at the day of the event. This can be info about age limits,  time limifications, parking terms and so on. The description of the ticket is therefore included in the PDF version of the ticket .


  • The event organizer may want some extra information from the guests. That includes workplace,  work title, size of t-shirt and so on. This information will also be added to the PDF-ticket.


  • PLEASE OBSERVE! Basic info about ticket buyers is automatically available in the “Participant” overview for the event, so we advice you to use this functionality as rarely as possible, as it slows down the purchase flow and you could loose sales.



Two  groups of information.

Event details

  • Titel
  • Date + time
  • Name of venue  + adress
  • Event organizer
  • Picture

Ticket settings

  • Ticket name (ticket type)
  • Ticket price + number of tickets available
  • Ticket description
  • Extra information about the guest

You are always welcome to contact us if you need any help with the setup of events and ticket details. The easiest way to contact us is via the live chat. The live chat is available via any page in the Event Manager.