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Use of hidden tickets

This post is a guide on how to use hidden / private tickets tickets. This can be used for selected guests who must have the ticket at a reduced price.

Using Hidden Tickets

When you create your tickets you have the opportunity to create hidden / private tickets. This can be an advantage if you have some selected guests who need to go to the tickets at a reduced price or for free.

Select “Yes but Private” for the question of whether the tickets should be public when you create the ticket. When the ticket is created you can go into the individual ticket and find the private url link that gives your guests access to the private / hidden ticket.

It may be advantageous to give the ticket a name that indicates the type as eg. Guest tickets, member ticket or reduced ticket.

You can also choose that the ticket should not be public. This can be used to either remove tickets that no longer have to be for sale or if you want to wait until later to put your tickets for sale. In that case, select “No” for whether the ticket should be public.



  • You can choose to make private tickets.
  • You can remove tickets from the public.

You are always welcome to contact us if you need help with setting up event and ticket details. The easiest way is to write to us in the live chat, which is available on all pages of Event Manager.