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Participant Lists

The following blog post we show you, as an organizer, how to download relevant participant lists for your event. A helpful tool for a running event.

Downloading participant lists consists of the following 4 steps:

  1. Select event in Event manager
  2. Go to the Participants tab
  3. Select ticket type
  4. Select format for the participant list

Everything you do in Event Manager remains a draft until you publish your event so you can safely try.

1. Selecting an event

First and foremost, you need to log in to your organizer account at

Then go to Event Manager and find just the event that you want participant lists for and click on this.

When you are logged in to Event Manager with your organizer account, you must choose which event you want participant lists from.

2. Go to the Participants tab

When you have entered the desired event, click on the “Participants” tab that you find at the top of the picture. When you click on this and you will get an overview of all participants, the number of tickets purchased and the buyers’ email.

Find the “participants” tab and click on it.

3. Select ticket type

You can now choose which ticket type you want the attendant list for. You do this by pressing “Filter” as seen in the picture below. You can choose to get a full list of all tickets sold or just get selected types of tickets.

Under “filters” you can specify which ticket types you want to list.

4. Select the format

The last step is to select the format of your participant list. You can either choose to download the participant lists in PDF format or as an exl-file. If you just need to print the list of participants / lists, we suggest that you download them in PDF format.

choose format.

Below you will see an example of a participant list as a pdf format (Print). The Pdf-format (print) has limited information but is good for e.g. for use in the door as it is manageable.

pdf export

Below you will find an example of xls export. The xls format contains all information, eg e-mail addresses, time of purchase + possibly. extra information

xls export


4 led i hentning af deltagerlister

  • Vælg arrangement i Event manager
  • Gå til fanen Deltagere
  • Vælg billettype
  • Vælg format for deltagerlisten

Du er altid velkommen til at tage kontakt til os, hvis du har brug for hjælp med opsætning af event- og billetdetaljer. Den letteste måde er ved at skrive til os i livechatten, som er tilgængelig på alle sider i Event Manager.

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