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Personalized Organizer Profile

Do you want to personalize your organizer account and add descriptions, logos or links? With Tikkio as a ticket system you can make ticket sales more personal and colorful.

Do you want your organizer account to look as professional and welcoming as the one in the picture above? then it can be done with a few clicks in Event Manager.

We have added a new tab in Event Manager, which you will find under the “Account & Reports” module. The tab is called “Profile” and you can now add content and defaults to your organizer account.

  • Content for views
    • Optional organizer name
    • Organizer description
    • Banner
    • Logo

The content is used, among other things. to the redesigned organizer page with all your events with us, on the event itself, on the ticket PDF, etc.

  • Defaults to auto-fill for events
    • Event type
    • Website
    • Minimum Age
    • Venue

Defaults are used to auto-fill the fields the next time you create an event. The values ​​can still be edited for each event.


  • You can personalize your organizer profile
  • You can change organizer name, add logo, images and descriptions
  • Make your organizer account look more inviting

Account, Customer success & Content Manager in Tikkio Denmark.
I am a former musician with an MSc in Economics and Business Administration. Pragmatist, with broad knowledge in sub-cultures. I enjoy working with the CRM-tool Pipedrive, and have a great big love for the 1960s soul and beat music as well as Veronica Maggio.