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Photo and video marketing of your event

Photo and video material strengthens the desire to buy and gives you more to work with in marketing. But quality is more important than quantity. Seek help if you need it.

A good visual presentation from a concert, festival etc. is an important instrument for you as an organizer:

  • It is good “remember” material for those who were there and give an extra boost to their experience
  • It gives a little FOMO feeling – “I should be there” for those who were not present
  • It contributes to an ever-expanding media bank for you as an organizer, which means that it is easy to find good archive images and videos later when you later advertise
  • It provides better marketing than without good pictures / video; get more likes / comments + from FB et al. Still prioritize photos and not least video, rather than more static expressions in their algorithms.


Avoid publishing shaken videos and low-quality photos taken with shaking hands and mobile phones. Such recordings are okay when they come from the audience, but an organizer should not weaken their own brand by visualizing their own work in a bad way.


Good pictures are a minimum, video with good sound is best. Ask the artists if you can use recorded music; A good song is often enough, but you feel you need more to capture the mood, so you can consider it. No more than 3 songs.

How long / much?

For video, the following rules of thumb can be useful: For teasers, 30 seconds to a 1 minute is typically enough. As a movie from a concert, show, festival, you probably have to pass at least 1 minute, while something longer than 3.5 minutes will lose the viewer.

If you want to use pictures, the quality here is also central. Many take thousands of pictures of varying quality. Choose a couple of really good ones – again; This is an extension of your brand and the remaining impression should be good.

Suitable equipment and handling

cf. The above points: If you need to document yourself, buy a dedicated camera that handles photo and video in an okay way. The small mobile cameras and not least weak microphones do not usually make the experience full. There are many good compact cameras with good sound output and decent enough microphone or input to external microphone. Ask for advice via if you are considering buying and we will try to give you advice.

External help

There are some companies and companies that offer such services (video production, etc.). Keep an eye on what the other organizers are doing and contact those who have delivered to them or use the work as a reference for what level you expect. A good tip can be to get in touch via media lines etc. There are many young, good and eager people who can do extremely good work at a reasonable price.


  • Video and photo provide experience and purchase desire
  • By using video and photo, you build an ever larger memory bank that can be used in marketing
  • Choose quality over quantity
  • Get external help if you don’t have the capacity yourself

Ask for advice via if you are considering buying and we will try to give you advice.

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