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Handling postponed or canceled events

When postponing or canceling an event, you must be aware of your duties and the rights and opportunities of the buyer

Event settings in Event Manager

If your scheduled event needs to be postponed, you can change the date in the Event Manager, which automatically transfers all purchased tickets. Also remember to set the end time for the sale of the event tickets – it may vary from ticket to ticket and therefore cannot be automatically edited with the event date.

You may also want to consider changing the title and description of the event to make it clear that the event has been postponed.

If the event’s original start date has been exceeded, you cannot change the date yourself anymore – contact us via chat and we can change the date for you.

When canceling, you should stop selling. If you cancel the event, then visitors will get a 404 error thereafter, so we recommend that you leave the event published and edit the ticket settings themselves so that they are no longer available.

Duties & Rights

Whether an event is postponed or canceled, you must be aware of your duties and the buyer’s requirements.

Your duties as an organizer

First of all, you have a duty to deliver the promised event to the ticket buyers. If this is not possible, then you have a duty to inform ticket buyers about the changes to the event as soon as possible. You should communicate through all your channels, eg Facebook, website, etc. But it is also important to send an email directly to the buyers – read how to get information about the ticket buyers here.

Buyer’s requirements

Before sending anything to the ticket buyers, you must consider the options available to the buyers in connection with the changes so that they can be communicated with in your message. When the promised event changes, the ticket buyer is basically entitled to the choice between a refund or a new ticket for a corresponding event.

There is considerable disagreement about the legal basis for this requirement in connection with COVID-19, and we recommend that you seek advice from your industry organization or lawyer if you have any doubts.


Communication to ticket buyers

The ticket buyers can be presented with 3 different ways of handling their tickets in connection with changing the event. So they are given the free choice to which they are entitled, but if they want something other than to keep the ticket, it requires an active action from them. So far, that action has been to send an email to either you or us, which is now replaced by logging into his account.

  1. Keep the ticket => Do nothing
  2. Convert ticket => Log in and click on a button
  3. Refund the ticket => Log in and click on a button


1. Keep the ticket

If the ticket buyer wants to keep their ticket for the new date, then they must do nothing – the ticket will automatically be moved to the new date for the event that you set in the Event Manager and will thus still be valid.

2. Convert the ticket

It can be converted to respectively. gift card or donation, and it requires that you have a special permission enabled in the event’s settings – read more here.

3. Refund the ticket

Refunds through our platform require a deposit from you before we can activate a special permit for the relevant event – read more here.


Process for the ticket buyer

When the ticket buyer wants to convert or reimburse his tickets, this is done very simply by logging into and choosing which tickets to be processed.


Standard message template for ticket buyers

Assuming that you enable conversions and are approved for refunds, here is a template proposal ifbm. communication to ticket buyers.

You now have 3 options

Keep your ticket
Take no action – your ticket is automatically valid for the new date

Convert your ticket
You can convert your tickets in whole or in part to respectively. a gift card or donation to us.

It requires you to log in to and go to “My User Account”. There you will find the relevant event and click on “Convert Tickets” to select which tickets you want converted.

Refund your ticket
You can get your purchase refunded in whole or in part – it requires you to log in to and go to “My User Account”. There you will find the relevant event and click on “Request a refund” to choose which tickets you want to be refunded.

Expiry of options

The option to convert or refund your tickets expires 14 days from this message sent – if you have not done anything before then, then you have definitely decided to keep your ticket and refrain from any. legal requirements in respect of the change of event.

Refund error

If you receive an error message when trying to make a refund, it is most likely due to the fact that the debit card you originally purchased the tickets with is no longer valid.

If you have changed your debit card since your purchase, contact the organizer directly so that they can make a regular bank transfer to you.

If you have not changed your debit card since your purchase, contact Tikkio and they will try to help you.


  • Edit the event settings in Event Manager
  • Communicate clearly to ticket buyers
  • Offer ticket buyers 3 options
    • Keep the ticket
    • Convert the ticket
    • Refund ticket

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