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We, at Tikkio, know how important it is to have access to relevant and usable data when you prepare, conduct and evaluate your event. Therefore, Tikkio operates with three different report types. All these three types are always available in Event Manger under the "Account and Reports" tab.

The three different report types are as follows:

  • Payout reports
    • These reports are automatically generated from Nets payout.
    • All sales are calculated and paid out monthly.
    • The payout reports can be found on the tab "account and reports" in Event manger.
  • Manual reports
  • Automatic reports
Jesper Ravn-Jensen

About Jesper Ravn-Jensen

Account, Customer success & Content Manager in Tikkio Denmark. I am a former musician with an MSc in Economics and Business Administration. Pragmatist, with broad knowledge in sub-cultures. I enjoy working with the CRM-tool Pipedrive, and have a great big love for the 1960s soul and beat music as well as Veronica Maggio.

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