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Save culture

The Corona virus has enormous consequences for society as a whole, both when it comes to health and financially. One of the industries that was hit the earliest and hardest is the experience industry.

The majority of organizers, artists, nightclubs, technicians and others who make a living gathering people have lost their livelihoods and life's work from one day to the next.

We are now doing everything in our power to help save culture.



96% of the amount collected is paid weekly to the recipient of the donations. They do not impose any fees on givers donations.

Our share

We deduct 4%, with which we cover transaction costs and other operations. Furthermore, we donate 1% to the industry organizations that are now fighting for artists, organizers, nightclubs, technicians and other cultural workers to have a brighter future. We hope to cover self-care and help save the culture so that we have someone to work with after the crisis.

For everyone

In addition to the many organizers and artists already registered with Tikkio, it is possible for new organizers and artists to register instantly. All you need is an organization number number. Most people in the target group have this. If someone doesn't have this in place with someone in need, Tikkio will help them get started on a more manual solution.

"Tikkio were established by artists and organizers back in the days and are still owned and run by industry professionals. Together with the organizers and artists who are using our solution today, we have been worried the last few days. After the initial shock, we decided to roll our sleeves up and fight to save the industry that we are so dependent on and love so much."

Kjetil Aarseth, CEO of Tikkio.


Ask for help

These are hard times for everyone, but if you don't ask for help, it rarely comes by itself. When you receive donations through Tikkio, 3% goes to us, 1% to the industry and 96% is paid to you every week.


Once you have created an organizer account with, you can activate donations with a single click as well as create your first Maybe-ticket.


We are currently working around the clock, and are continuing to develop more initiatives. Do you have more good ideas for how we can help each other?