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Search our FAQ for answers or reach out to our world-class support team if you need further assistance – we try to reply within 24 hours.


Postponed/canceled events (COVID-19)...

Due to COVID-19 many events are canceled and postponed. In this case, the organizer has the opportunity to offer you as a ticket buyer 4 options with us:

  1. Keep your ticket - it automatically moves to a new date
  2. Convert your ticket to a gift card
  3. Convert your ticket into a donation
  4. Refund your ticket

You will receive direct notification from the organizer or us if an event is postponed or canceled - the options above require special conditions, which you can read more about here in our FAQ.

If in doubt about the options available to you, contact the organizer directly.

Converting tickets...

It is possible to convert your tickets to a donation or gift certificate - if the organizer allows this for the specific event.

To convert your tickets, log into your account with us and go to "My User Account". When you click, for example, "Convert gift card tickets", you'll be asked to select which of your tickets you want converted and can proceed to confirmation.

Terms for both donations, gift cards and conversions appear in the conversion process and can also be read under our general terms of use.

Refunding tickets...

You will be notified immediately if refunds become available to you. If you have not received a message, then refunds are NOT possible - not yet.

  • Please wait for further information from the organizer or us
  • Stay informed on the organizer's other channels, eg website and Facebook
  • Contact the organizer directly if you do not hear more within a reasonable time

When are refunds possible?

Refunds are only possible if our payment partner, Nets, has received ticket sales from a given event return from the organizer. We have continually paid out all sales to the organizer, which thus has full responsibility for any claim on the part of the ticket buyer.

Once the organizer has transferred the ticket sales to Nets, refunds will be activated as an option under your user account with us.


How do I complete a refund?

After refunds are made available for your event - and ONLY when you have been notified explicitly - then you must log in to your account with us and go to "My user account". When you click "Request Refund", please select which of your tickets you would like to be refunded and can proceed to confirmation.


Error message when attempting a refund?

Please note that refunds can only be made to the same debit card used for the original purchase - if you changed your debit card in the meantime, you will receive an error message when trying to refund from your user profile, and should instead Contact the organizer directly for a regular bank transfer from them to you.


Terms for refunds

Terms of reimbursement appear during the process and can also be read under our general terms of use.

Can I regret/undo my purchase?
Tickets are not covered by the right of withdrawal and are therefore basically non-refundable. You can try selling your tickets or giving them away. You will find all your tickets under "My user account" when you are logged in with us.
Where do I find my tickets?

You can find your tickets by logging into our website.

Then go to "My User Account". There you have a complete overview of all the tickets and goods you have purchased. Tickets and receipt will also be sent to you along with the order confirmation once you have completed your purchase.

Forgot password

Go to and enter your email address there. If you can't find a confirmation email, check your junk / spam / junk mail filter first if it's there, if not, create a new user account.

Empty shopping cart...
This may be due to several things:
1. The purchase process is subject to a checkout timer, so if you do not complete your purchase within 10 minutes, your shopping cart will be emptied automatically
SOLUTION: Try starting the order process again and completing within 10 min.
2. If your browser (Chrome, Safari, Explorer, etc.) has not been updated for a long time, your purchase may be canceled for security reasons.
SOLUTION: Update your browser and try again - or try to complete the purchase in another browser.
Reservation on my bank account...

If it appears that you have been overcharged for your purchase or that you have not received tickets, this is usually due to a communication failure with your bank. Then this is just a reservation. They usually disappear within minutes, but in some cases can take up to one business day. Contact us if it should take longer.

I have bought several tickets and we do not arrive at the same time. What do I do?

To get single tickets, log on to and go to "My User Account". There you can select "View ticket" to download one PDF file per ticket. To avoid any trouble at the entrance to the event, we recommend that all tickets be downloaded as single tickets and used separately. So avoid using the personal QR code contained in the receipt.

Resold tickets...

Purchases and sales made outside of Tikkio are done at your own risk. Tickets purchased privately can neither we nor the organizer guarantee.

Companions & age limits

Whether the attendance certificate is accepted is up to the organizer. Contact them on Facebook or via email.

How do I delete my Tikkio account?

You always have the opportunity to delete your account with Tikkio.

This can be done as follows:

1. Log in to Tikkio

2. Click the “My User Account” tab at the top right corner.

3. Then click on "My profil"

4. Scroll down the page and click on the "Remove account" button

If you experience complications with this, you are more than welcome to contact us at

Live Support Hours

Monday - Friday: 9.00 - 16.00
Weekends & Holidays: 10.00 - 15.00

Within our Live Support Hours we strive to reply within 1-3 hours. Support requests outside these hours will be replied the next morning.

Furthermore, when you submit a support request outside our Live Support Hours, you'll receive an auto-reply including a hotline phone number for urgent matters.

Have you considered reaching out to the event organizer?

Very often, they are a lot better suited to answer your question than we are.
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