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Environmental policy

Tikkio takes its responsibility when it comes to the environment. Our and the organizers' activities contribute to making the climate pressure as small as possible.

Environment and climate change are one of our greatest challenges today. Tikkio as a ticket system and a sales solution must also take its responsibility in this area. And we do.

Create experiences where people live

Among the largest climate sinners are emissions related to travel. Why do people travel? People often travel to enrich their lives through experiences, whether it be concerts, festivals, lectures or fairs. The event industry can make a positive contribution to reducing travel activity to residents by moving their experiences to where people live. It makes much more sense to the environment that a few artists, comedians, theater actors or conference holders are the ones who take the journey. In this way, tens of thousands of people can get good experiences where they live or in the immediate vicinity.

Purchase and transfer of equipment and people

Many of our competitors base their verification of ticket and product purchase on hardware. This includes servers, scanners, and power supplies that must be shipped from a warehouse to the location where the concert, festival, fair or conference takes place. This transport has a significant environmental impact.

Tikkio bases all scans that it can be solved with any IOS or Android device on the market using free applications and cloud computing without the need for local servers. Thus, you do not need to invest in dedicated equipment for this, but can use regular phones or tablets.

Digital meetings

Tikkio is based on a self-service philosophy; all organizers must be able to handle scanning of tickets, eg. even without Tikkio’s representatives having to be present. Reduced travel activity for Tikkio’s employees contributes to reduced climate expression.

Tikkio has organizers spread over a large geographical area. We emphasize that they need to be self-propelled without our help through this interface being easy to understand and an easily accessible knowledge base on any relevant topic.

When we meet with our organizers, suppliers and other partners, we try to use video conferencing as much as possible. We do it daily and with good luck. This reduces the environmental impact, but also saves the company too much time traveling.


  • The event industry reduces travel by giving people experiences where they live
  • With Tikkio you do not need to buy your own equipment and carry out shipments of this to the event
  • Tikkio is a self-propelled ticket system for the organizer, and Tikkio’s staff do not have to travel to be present
  • Tikkio uses digital communication sites and thereby minimizes the journey to meetings

We at Tikkio do everything we can to be the best ticket system on the market. This also implies a shared responsibility for reducing the environmental impact. If you have any input for additional measures that we can do in this field or need advice on the subject, please contact us at or through the chat window available in Event Manager.