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Private ticket sales – and scams

There is a lot of risk associated with sales that take place between private individuals. Here are the possibilities of confusion and fraud etc.

Here are some general advice and suggestions for reducing ticket fraud and increasing sales

1. Close for private ticket sales on their own Facebook pages. It overshadows the information you want. At the same time it reduces your trading potential at your event.

2. Remember that private sale creates a lot of extra work. As it is often manipulated with the tickets either randomly or proven. People meet up with a ticket that has been scanned earlier. An angry audience with an invalid ticket often takes as long as scanning 30 others. Plus it creates a bad mood and possibly the need for guards to step in.

3. Regularly upload text on your own web pages / Facebook pages where the phenomenon is listed – here are standard text suggestions:

Invalid tickets in circulation

“One of the sadest and most frustrating problems that exists for both the public and the organizer is when an audience meets a fake ticket or one that has already been scanned. Unfortunately, it often happens. Only tickets that you or someone you trust completely and completely purchased through or the Tikkio app are guaranteed to be valid. As long as tickets are available at our event, there is no need to buy tickets from acquaintances or strangers via Facebook or – If you buy a fake or used ticket, you miss the whole experience.”


  • Close for ticket sales on own Facebook pages
  • Private sales increases the risk of confusion and fraud and thus extra work for you as an organizer
  • Add standard text on Facebook and web pages where you inform the public about the dangers of buying tickets privately

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you need further advice on this topic.