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Ticket sharks and black market trading

Ticket fraud and black exchange trading are unfortunate for both the organizer and the ticket buyer. As a preferred ticket provider, Tikkio wants to not only offer a ticket system, but also give organizers and the public good advice in this area as well.

We at Tikkio have the following advice for the ticket buyer – please share this on your website, Facebook page, etc.:

  • Always check if the purchase price matches the original sales price – so you don’t overpay for your tickets. It is illegal in e.g. Denmark and Norway to demand higher price on resale.
  • Always buy your tickets through an official ticket provider. Unfortunately, there are many sales outlets and individuals online that try to resell tickets – often at a higher price.
  • If in doubt, contact the organizer. They know for sure who is the official ticket provider at an event.

It is frustrating to stand in the door of an event and find out only then that the ticket is either fake, copied in large print or already used. Therefore, check before you buy. Neither the organizer nor the ticket provider can check if your ticket is valid for you if purchased elsewhere.

We know that it is not always possible to get a ticket to a popular event, and at least not if the event is sold out.

However, if you are going to take a chance on buying a ticket from a private person or website other than official ticket provider, we advise you to use common sense and make sure you get adequate information about the seller. Preferably buy the ticket from someone you know or otherwise trust.

If you buy a ticket from a private individual, you are in a bad position if you are scammed – whether you pay in cash or electronically. For example, the bank does not, as a rule, have the opportunity to transfer the money back to you.

Remember again that neither the organizer nor the ticket provider has the opportunity to guarantee the validity of a private purchase.


  • Always buy your tickets from an official ticket provider that you can trust.
  • Check the price before buying.
  • If in doubt, contact the organizer.
  • Avoid private purchases if you are not sure you trust the seller.