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Visions and values

Tikkio's vision of becoming the best ticket system and sales system on the market is based on our values: Safe, fast and smart

Tikkio has an ambitious goal of being the best ticket and sales system on the market. This is more than just a set phrase. This is a goal that will be realized through our 3 values ​​in all strategies and work:


Tikkio must be a safe solution to use. Therefore, the work on personal data and payment information is well considered. The same applies to information flow and settlement to the organizers. In addition, one must be sure that the system has uptime and capacity to handle high pressure. This applies both in connection with release and later when tickets must be scanned. Security is also about something more: It is about the organizer, who is sure that Tikkio contributes to increased sales through consulting and good tools in cooperation with each other.


Tikkio is greatly appreciated that it is a fast and easy system for both the organizer and the end customer. It’s easy to register an organizer account and get started with an event. In addition, the end customer can easily register as a user. Furthermore, the audience can easily buy tickets immediately; The ticket system works, there are few clicks between thought and action, and the buyer can choose to pay with different card types. On a more strategic level, Tikkio is also rigged to quickly adapt to new opportunities. We always choose the best solutions for payment, marketing, integration with other systems etc.


For organizers, Tikkio is a platform that makes them wiser. With us in the toolbox you get good information from planning to performing any event. The publishing system ensures that all important information is included. Through our advice and tips in blog and knowledge base or in meetings, we make sure that the organizer makes smart choices in planning, marketing sales and accomplishing any event. If the organizer makes the good choices, the audience gets a good experience and the economy in the company is strengthened. The end customer also gets wiser in the meeting with Tikkio. It’s easy to find out about the events to take place and make good choices for yourself and the people you want to buy. Smart choices provide good experiences for everyone.


  • Tikkio’s vision is to be the best ticket and sales system on the market
  • The vision will be realized through the following three values
    • Safe
    • Fast
    • Smart

Tikkio’s vision of becoming the best available ticket and sales system on the market can only be made possible through close contact with the organizers and the public. If you have ideas on how to improve, please do not hesitate to contact If you are already an organizer, you can also contact via the chat window available in Event Manager.