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The value of your own websites

What is the value of your website? and how much traffic and sales are actually generated through your various platforms?

Warning: Some of you may find the upcoming text a bit annoying or perhaps offensive, but it is well-intentioned.

Many organizers put a lot of effort into their own websites, and it’s probably fine in terms of branding, internal pride, etc. But it’s a good idea to look at which channels are actually sales-triggering.

Regular glances at Google Analytics show a growing trend: Organizers’ own websites account for an ever-smaller portion of Tikkio’s traffic. Adding direct traffic to Tikkio’s websites and apps, Facebook as a source and Google search, accounts for about 80% of traffic. Ie that only 20% of traffic to Tikkio comes from organizer websites, media and other sources. Only 5 organizers crawl over 1% of traffic.

Does that mean you have to drop your own web pages completely?

No, it’s a good idea to have, but you might consider creating a permanent link to Tikkio under the Facebook Events tab instead of putting a lot of effort into presenting upcoming programs on your own website when it’s Facebook and Google- searches drive traffic. People who go straight to Tikkio because they know that’s where the events are located. Is it a knee drop for Facebook and Google? Maybe, but there is little doubt what is most effective.

As a rule, there will be a lot to gain by spending even more energy mastering advertising on Facebook and Google. Many of you are good already, while others are a little unsure.

We at Tikkio are happy to help you along the way, either with training or referral to companies that can help you further.

Contact for help with Facebook and Google Advertising.

Account, Customer success & Content Manager in Tikkio Denmark.
I am a former musician with an MSc in Economics and Business Administration. Pragmatist, with broad knowledge in sub-cultures. I enjoy working with the CRM-tool Pipedrive, and have a great big love for the 1960s soul and beat music as well as Veronica Maggio.